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Bring family and friends together to enjoy a big theater experience in the comfort of your own home. Exclusively designed home theaters provide the excitement and drama of a blockbuster movie shown on the big screen, saving you from ever having to buy a ticket or stand in line again. Now you, your family and friends can feel the excitement of a high-impact movie in the convenience of your private home theater custom designed for your personal tastes.

E-Style can create aesthetically pleasing home theaters that deliver optimal performance. Your personal team will work closely with you to design and install a home theater that will feature comfortable seating, dynamic surround sound, high-definition video, and perfect lighting. Your project will start with an in-depth discussion about your personal needs and will end on time with the appropriate instruction so that you and your family will feel comfortable operating the entire system with ease.

Adding to the enjoyment value of your home, elegantly designed media centers provide a forum within the main part of your home offering crystal clear, high-definition video and acoustically optimized sound. Even so, you might want to downplay the visibility of the electronics.

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As a skilled installer, your E-Style integrator can discreetly hide the surround sound speakers in the walls or ceiling and conceal the flat panel TV with high-end artwork that is stylishly framed. When the TV is not in use, you can simply use a remote control or touch panel to easily scroll the artwork up or down into its artistic casing.

There is no need to clutter the room with multiple receivers, recorders, and players. With only one set of common components, such as a DVD player, TiVo, or satellite receiver, you can distribute all your video sources to every room in the house. Every family member can watch his or her favorite video selection at any time from wherever they desire. Your E-Style professional can set up a networked media server; allowing family members to archive their preferred collection of movies or music, efficiently organizing these for easy retrieval and playback. You can even store thousands of pictures from your vacation on your media server, so that it becomes a central storage hub for all your media needs.

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