Lighting & Shade Control

A well-designed lighting system gives you the power to control the ambiance in your home with the push of a single button. Imagine, it's time for the kids to go to bed and your dinner guests will be arriving soon.

You select from your list of pre-programmed lighting options and instantly the lights in the kids' room start to dim at a slow pace until their rooms go dark, you softly illuminate the lights in the dining room to set the mood, and at the same time brighten the pathway lights in the front yard to help your guests find their way from your driveway to your door.

All this was accomplished simply by touching one button on a wall panel conveniently placed in your master bedroom.

E-Style integrators understand the exciting capabilities that a lighting control system has to offer and can help you determine the functions and scenarios that will best suit you and your family.

Lighting System Oak Brook,IL

Your E-Style professional will design and install a pre-programmed lighting solution that enables you to conveniently control your entire home through easy-to-use touch panels. You can even have a lighting solution configured so that it automatically adjusts the lights at pre-determined days and times.

You start with an in-depth consultation about your personal needs and end with a lighting system that is easy to use.

Today's advanced technology lighting solutions offer many more benefits than just ambiance in your home. Your family's safety and security are enhanced as lights automatically activate when someone enters the driveway or lighted pathways illuminate at night if your fire alarm triggers.

Motorized shades are the perfect complement to any lighting solution; allowing you to easily coordinate the position of the drapes to the desired room atmosphere. To help you reduce your electric bill, the drapes will open during the day allowing the natural sunlight to enter. At the same time, caring for your home with sensors that detect direct sunlight beaming into the room; accordingly closing the drapes to avoid overheating the room and prevent the furniture from fading.

Be assured that E-Style integrators will carefully consider all the potential options that your lighting control solution can offer. Installed lighting and shade control systems will greatly enhance your family's lifestyle, creating the right environment inside and outside your home.

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  • Lighting and Shade Control

    A well-designed lighting system gives you the power to control the ambiance in your home with the push of a single button.

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