ready for your Naperville smart home?  E-Style PROFESSIONALS design fully integrated solutions that synchronize the actions of your individual lifestyle.

Every great project has a plan

Your Naperville project will start with an in-depth consultation about your personal needs and end with appropriate  in-person training so that you'll feel comfortable operating the entire system with ease. And as your requirements begin to change or grow, be assured that E-Style has incorporated total flexibility into your whole-house control system.

Complete control

Sophisticated home control solutions start with a flexible, feature-based program designed to fit your specific needs. The end result is complete control of almost every electronic device in your home. Through simple-to-use wall-mounted keypads, touch panels, remote controls, tablets, and mobile devices.  You can select to operate each device individually, or set the house to self-adjust for a specific setting.

E-Style is an authorized dealer for Elan Home Systems

E-Style is an authorized dealer for Elan Home Systems

Scenes and Schedules that make your life easy

Your state-of-the-art system can be designed so that buttons are labeled for specific events, such as vacation, working, or entertaining at home. With the push of a single button, you can set the house for endless possibilities, even while away. Visualize some of these exciting solutions:

  • When going on vacation the alarm automatically sets, lights are pre-programmed to self-adjust during the night, and the thermostat properly regulates to a programmed temperature, providing peace-of-mind and saving energy.

  • When it's time for the kids to go bed, the lights in their room will slowly dim until completely turned-off. If they need to get up briefly in the middle of the night, illuminated pathways will guide them in the proper direction, but only long enough so that they don't stay up all night.

  • During the weekend, you can program the thermostat so the house is automatically kept at a comfortable temperature for everyone's liking. With a button labeled for each family member, each room can be climate controlled to fit their individual needs. The system can be further customized so it sets-back when everyone leaves the room.

These are just some of the revolutionary ways a professionally installed, fully integrated control solution will make your Naperville home a fun, exciting, and convenient place to live, work, and play. Let E-Style help you start your journey for a smarter Naperville home.