the internet of things.  What does it mean? What brands should you invest in?  E-style can help incorporate today's smart trends into your Naperville Home.

It seems like everyday we hear about more and more things being connected to the home.  Different things that can be said to your voice assistant to control or get data.  Things can get pretty complicated pretty fast.  How do you set things up? Is your network setup to support a smart home correctly?  There are many things to consider when getting started.  E-style is here to help you design a road map to where you want to get with your smart home.   Below you will find some of the top Smart trends we are encountering from our clients.

Voice Assistant

Voice assistants do a variety of things in order to make our lives simple and easy. Deciding where to start, which brand to pick, and how it can help you can be a challenge. E-Style works with brands such as Google Home® and Amazon Echo®. We work to help you choose the ecosystem that is right for you. We integrate your current products and systems with these voice assistants. E-Style can help create routines and scenes to help automate your life with a simple voice command. Ask us how we can help simplify your Naperville home.


©2018 DoorBird

©2018 DoorBird

Video Doorbell

Video doorbells are in easy way to get into the smart home game.  It offers security, flexibility, and convenience.  There are many things to know before selecting one however.  By selecting one prematurely, you may have found yourself locked in with loads of frustration. Let us help you find whats right for you.

Climate Control

Smart Thermostats are an easy way to make life convenient and save some energy.  With these new tools scheduling is much easier.  Some can even automatically adjust to occupancy.  Like other smart products, it is important to choose the right product.  Not all home setups support the different brands available.  Not all home automation and control systems except the different brands.  Ask E-style how we can incorporate temperature control in your Naperville smart home.

Garage Control

Have you ever left home thinking, "did I shut the garage?"  There are ways to  get notifications of open and closures, and remotely operate the garage doors.  Things like garage lighting can also be controlled and tied into a smart home system.  E-Style can help you trigger events when you press your remote to open the garage door.  Such as turn on the mudroom and kitchen lights, and turn on your favorite music station.  Let E-Style help you figure out what works bets for you.

There are so many devices out there that claim to be smart devices.  Most of them have actual benefits, but some of them are just gimmicks.  Some of them have quality issues and just do not work as intended.  One can easily start piling up 2, 4, 5, 10 different applications on their phones and tablets.  The end goal is as little of applications as possible to control the most amount of devices as possible.  Typically E-style can get this down to a single source to control all devices within one eco-system.  This is the next step in the journey of owning a smart home. read more about this next step here.