Fun in the Sun: Outdoor Entertainment

Despite this wacky weather, summer IS coming! That means it’s time to plan a little fun in the sun! Celebrations, barbecues, and a get-together with neighbors, are all great ways to enjoy your backyard. This is the perfect time to have E-Style add technology to your outdoor living area and enhance your outdoor entertainment space.


Outdoor TVs

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Outdoor TVs are a great way to add entertainment to the patio. When deciding on an outdoor TV; the most important thing to think about is location. Is there direct Sun, or is it shaded? These factor in to which type of outdoor TV is right for you. There are also budget friendly models available. Regular TVs are not designed to be placed outdoors, but weather resistant brands do a great job at protecting your TV from the environment. Harsh winters and blistering storms can do a lot of damage to the best of them. Like anything, protect your investment. Make sure covers are in place, or remove the TV when you know weather will be an issue. If taken care of, your outdoor TV will give you years of entertainment.

Outdoor Audio

There are a few ways audio and music can be added to the backyard. Of course it goes back to the age old argument of wired vs wireless. A wired system offers many quality, affordable solutions. These systems can also be hidden within the landscape. Examples are rock speakers, buried speakers, and speakers mounted higher in the landscape. Other options include wall mount and ground level bullet speakers.

Wireless speakers are also a budget friendly option. Brands such as SONOS® have a large variety of speakers that work off your WiFi network. But no wireless speakers are meant to be outdoors for an extended period of time, unless stated by the manufacturer.


E-Style is ready to help you add technology to your backyard. E-Style also partners with landscape designers who can help you plan your outdoor project. We offer free consultations. Call us today if you are looking to incorporate outdoor entertainment into your lifestyle.