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Football Season: Time to Upgrade?

Football season is upon us. Many choose this time to look into upgrading their audio/video setup. Whether that be upgrading the TV, looking for a new speaker system, or placing a TV outdoors. E-Style is here to help you make educated decisions.



Not all 4K TVs are created equal. There are some brands to avoid. There is also deciding which kind of smart TV is best for streaming the right apps. What is the difference between LED /OLED/QLED? walking into a Box store can be overwhelming. Reach out to E-Style and we can help you make an educated decision. We take many different things into account in your situation that helps you choose what is right for you.

Outdoor TVs are wonderful and can allow you to enjoy your entertainment on a wonderful day. An outdoor TV is very different from a normal TV. There are many things to know. Which models type and brands meets your budget and needs. We do not recommend putting a normal indoor rated TV outside. It will not last long due to mother nature. Outdoor TVs are specifically designed to keep moisture out of the delicate electronic parts.


Is it time to upgrade your audio? Many of the new slim form factor TVs are dismal at providing adequate sound. The manufactures cannot fit quality speakers in them due to the new form factors. All of them are also now located at the back of the unit. So if you use the TV on a stand instead of mounting on the wall; its even worse. There are many different speaker styles that E-Style offers customer in order to get a better sound. It can be a full surround system, a speaker bar and sub kit, or wireless speaker systems. It really comes down to ones budget and the experience they want to have come game day.

Ask E-Style today how we can hep make your game day experience more enjoyable.

Live Your Best Life: Whole Home Audio

Live Your Best Life: WHOLE HOME AUDIO

There is nothing like having a get-together and scrambling to play music in the kitchen, am I right? We’ve all been there. Something that used to commonly happen in my own household was wanting to listen to music while working on projects around the home, but the speakers were located in the family room or the small Alexa in the bedroom. You’re only other alternative is a small bluetooth speaker with awful sound quality. In these situations we are experiencing “missing speaker syndrome”. Luckily there is a cure!


We commonly ask our clients, “how do you envision living?”. Do you see yourself wanting to host a lot? Do you enjoy spending time outside? Do you like to relax in your personal spaces like the master bedroom and bath? Maybe you just like to enjoy a great cinematic experience. All of these lifestyles can and usually do involve audio/music. Music is a huge part of our culture and lifestyles. It sets the mood, adds depth to a space, and can relieve stress. A whole home audio system is within reach of every client. There are wired and wireless systems alike and at different price points. There are however some things to plan and think about before you start.


things to think about when it comes to Whole Home Audio:

Location, Location, Location! Where would you like audio/music in your home?

Is there existing structured wiring in place or does new wiring have to be run?

Is it difficult to run wiring in your home, and are you better off investing in a quality wireless system like SONOS?

What quality of speakers would you like to invest in?

Would you like Music to always play the same in every room, or would you like the rooms to be able to play something different at the same time?

What kind of audio do you want to play over the speakers? (TV audio, Youtube, Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music)

Do you want the system to be expandable?

There are several factors to consider when it comes to whole home audio and E-Style Home Systems is here to help. E-Style offers free consultations to help give ideas on how you would like to live with Home Audio. Call us today if you are looking to incorporate outdoor entertainment into your lifestyle.

Fun in the Sun: Outdoor Entertainment

Despite this wacky weather, summer IS coming! That means it’s time to plan a little fun in the sun! Celebrations, barbecues, and a get-together with neighbors, are all great ways to enjoy your backyard. This is the perfect time to have E-Style add technology to your outdoor living area and enhance your outdoor entertainment space.


Outdoor TVs

terrace-1229212_1280 (1).jpg

Outdoor TVs are a great way to add entertainment to the patio. When deciding on an outdoor TV; the most important thing to think about is location. Is there direct Sun, or is it shaded? These factor in to which type of outdoor TV is right for you. There are also budget friendly models available. Regular TVs are not designed to be placed outdoors, but weather resistant brands do a great job at protecting your TV from the environment. Harsh winters and blistering storms can do a lot of damage to the best of them. Like anything, protect your investment. Make sure covers are in place, or remove the TV when you know weather will be an issue. If taken care of, your outdoor TV will give you years of entertainment.

Outdoor Audio

There are a few ways audio and music can be added to the backyard. Of course it goes back to the age old argument of wired vs wireless. A wired system offers many quality, affordable solutions. These systems can also be hidden within the landscape. Examples are rock speakers, buried speakers, and speakers mounted higher in the landscape. Other options include wall mount and ground level bullet speakers.

Wireless speakers are also a budget friendly option. Brands such as SONOS® have a large variety of speakers that work off your WiFi network. But no wireless speakers are meant to be outdoors for an extended period of time, unless stated by the manufacturer.


E-Style is ready to help you add technology to your backyard. E-Style also partners with landscape designers who can help you plan your outdoor project. We offer free consultations. Call us today if you are looking to incorporate outdoor entertainment into your lifestyle.

4K, Is it time to switch?


The TV has evolved rapidly over the past 10 years.  With different technologies being introduced year after year.  With so much change, we as consumers have started to question; is it worth it?  3D TV came and went quickly.  When first introduced, we all went to the movie theater to go see the new hit movie in 3D.  I do not know about you, but I have not seen a 3D movie in years.  It was kind of gimicky to me.  A way to get more money out of the consumer and create an unwanted need for change. 

That is not the case for 4K.  You may see a lot of budget friendly 4K TVs when you stroll though your favorite department store. However, buyer beware.   Just like HD 1080p TVs, 4K has their flavors.  Then comes, what can I watch in 4K.  There is some content out there currently to support 4K video.  Netflix® has an assortment of 4K shows and movies available.  Apple® also offers various shows and movies for streaming as well.  The picture is incredible when you see the difference.  The gotcha is the other pieces of equipment in your setup.  To really get 4K today, a complete overhaul of equipment is needed.  From the receiver all the way down to the HDMI cables.  This is where it gets costly and confusing.  So is 4K worth it? It depends on your wallet.  4K is here to stay and is bound to grow at a rapid rate.  If you are interested in making the switch, let us know how we can help.  Have a great day!