Live Your Best Life: Whole Home Audio

Live Your Best Life: WHOLE HOME AUDIO

There is nothing like having a get-together and scrambling to play music in the kitchen, am I right? We’ve all been there. Something that used to commonly happen in my own household was wanting to listen to music while working on projects around the home, but the speakers were located in the family room or the small Alexa in the bedroom. You’re only other alternative is a small bluetooth speaker with awful sound quality. In these situations we are experiencing “missing speaker syndrome”. Luckily there is a cure!


We commonly ask our clients, “how do you envision living?”. Do you see yourself wanting to host a lot? Do you enjoy spending time outside? Do you like to relax in your personal spaces like the master bedroom and bath? Maybe you just like to enjoy a great cinematic experience. All of these lifestyles can and usually do involve audio/music. Music is a huge part of our culture and lifestyles. It sets the mood, adds depth to a space, and can relieve stress. A whole home audio system is within reach of every client. There are wired and wireless systems alike and at different price points. There are however some things to plan and think about before you start.


things to think about when it comes to Whole Home Audio:

Location, Location, Location! Where would you like audio/music in your home?

Is there existing structured wiring in place or does new wiring have to be run?

Is it difficult to run wiring in your home, and are you better off investing in a quality wireless system like SONOS?

What quality of speakers would you like to invest in?

Would you like Music to always play the same in every room, or would you like the rooms to be able to play something different at the same time?

What kind of audio do you want to play over the speakers? (TV audio, Youtube, Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music)

Do you want the system to be expandable?

There are several factors to consider when it comes to whole home audio and E-Style Home Systems is here to help. E-Style offers free consultations to help give ideas on how you would like to live with Home Audio. Call us today if you are looking to incorporate outdoor entertainment into your lifestyle.