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Football Season: Time to Upgrade?

Football season is upon us. Many choose this time to look into upgrading their audio/video setup. Whether that be upgrading the TV, looking for a new speaker system, or placing a TV outdoors. E-Style is here to help you make educated decisions.



Not all 4K TVs are created equal. There are some brands to avoid. There is also deciding which kind of smart TV is best for streaming the right apps. What is the difference between LED /OLED/QLED? walking into a Box store can be overwhelming. Reach out to E-Style and we can help you make an educated decision. We take many different things into account in your situation that helps you choose what is right for you.

Outdoor TVs are wonderful and can allow you to enjoy your entertainment on a wonderful day. An outdoor TV is very different from a normal TV. There are many things to know. Which models type and brands meets your budget and needs. We do not recommend putting a normal indoor rated TV outside. It will not last long due to mother nature. Outdoor TVs are specifically designed to keep moisture out of the delicate electronic parts.


Is it time to upgrade your audio? Many of the new slim form factor TVs are dismal at providing adequate sound. The manufactures cannot fit quality speakers in them due to the new form factors. All of them are also now located at the back of the unit. So if you use the TV on a stand instead of mounting on the wall; its even worse. There are many different speaker styles that E-Style offers customer in order to get a better sound. It can be a full surround system, a speaker bar and sub kit, or wireless speaker systems. It really comes down to ones budget and the experience they want to have come game day.

Ask E-Style today how we can hep make your game day experience more enjoyable.